Welcome to Hydra Church

Welcome to the Hydra Church Demo site. All of our websites are built with a news or blog section (they can be removed if you wish). Each can be displayed in a number of ways and include different types of posts. This blog is an example of a standard ‘professional style’ display. See our other demo sites for more examples of the news / blog layout.

All your blog, articles or news items can be categorised. Where ever you display your news, blog or articles list, you can select which category(s) to display. You can set the number to display per page (or section within a page), how they are sorted, and if to show links to load more. We are here to advise you on the best way to present your information.

This website example splits items into News and Sermons.  They are created in exactly the same way, but displayed differently (and on different pages and menus).